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thank you for being with us today.than very busy newsday a lot of news to get you caught up on if you're just joining us. new information about a picture that went viral.formation it shows two adults passed out in a car from a heroin overdose. the family talks exclusively with two a indo we have more on what's happening with this little boy and thend situation.on. chilling 911 calls are released after a woman calls to report she was kidnapped and, policekip later find bodies. now, some families are searchin they're hoping to identify them. switching gears talking about football. football season is here. what is the imperative thinge that youimpe neraetid with foot. tailgate food.ood. you need tailgate food. vgood.ood.d. chef rocco whalen is cooking up something fabulous coming up. u. see how the browns up and i will be this weekend in addition todt everything elseio such a nice dy today. beautiful day.y.
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sont are the humidity levels and sky conditionss. son decorative clouds basically sunny out thered temperatures ae on the cool side. 62 in cleveland almost chilly il would say that pierpont rock creek 47 earlier this morning down to 44 and rome southwesth ashtwabula county. anda highs yesterday 73 i think we'll be right near thaa level again dover new philly hit 82 and downstate around perhaps even dayton cincinnatinc thosei folks flirting with a 90-degree high yesterday. a refreshing low 70-degree high today. sunset 6:36 tonight. tonigh witht bright moonshine up there. today the september son will be up therewi he'll need your shadh fore.ure.. look at those clouds i look likl there trying to thicken down to the south and west certainlyt hoping that high-pressure does
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blocks the vast majority of thet cloud cover from moving into thh cleveeland area. there could be some clouds soutt and the computer models actually picking up on those clouds.uds. the big weekend is coming up. up what does it hold in store? sto? of course we're going to let you know. know. the eight day forecast the whole 9 yards as we wrap up summer ofe 2016.r that is tough. thanks.atthanks i will go lie down. after that. we have been following br news out of columbus overnight after a deadly officer involved shooting involving a 13 year old. a police spokesman says officer tried to take several armed robbery suspects into custodyino when the boy tyree king pulled what they believed to be a gun from his waistband. he was shot several times. it turns out the weapon was a bb gun.hen ee king pd elieved tof king died at the hospital. also happening while you were kleeping police rushed a sleing polictim to the hospital we're told officers pulled overr a minivan for speeding down
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that's when they found a man in the van was shot in the chest. they called 911 before driving him to metro hospital themselves.. thef he didn't make it he passed away no word on suspects had this particular point.articu what an awful situation to come up on.lar w now to a photo that's been to causing a lot of controversye picture of two people apparently passed out from a heroin overdose with a four year old ae ple apprently sitting in the backseat.he back. the family spoke exclusivelymill with fox 8 about that photo, and their anger with po cey frey is here with what they had to say.releasin8'c good morning. our lorrie taylor talked to that little boy's great grandmother who has raised him since he was an inf she says he's been well takenan care of and she doesn't like what that photo or east liverpool police imply that he was growing up surrounded by shehend she pht we did the best we could. he's been happy. barbara mccullough is 84 years we did old, her husband 85.
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custody since he was an infant. recently the custody was given to the paternal grandmother. the hope of the great-grandmother on the otherdh side of theer f aomilny custodyd be given to her daughter who lives in myrtle beach.h. the paternal grandmother policel say both adultsi od on heroin driver pleaded no contest toest charges against him sentenced to a year in jail. pasek will be in court this sent morning we're waiting for that h to happen right now charged with child endangering among other things.i muccullough says she had no idea pasek had drug problem. i know she loved him and i thought that she would take goot care of him. she would she had taken good care of himd on visitations and stuff so, yof know, i didn't think i had any worries about it.n'
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in court this morning.onda p we're waiting for that to happen.n. withthhae wiy will liive his great aunt and uncle in myrtle beach leaving todaytoda looking forward to gettingy himm enrolled in school and into a a normal routine he can thrive.iv. doesn't really understand what happened in the car which is aa good thing he told his great-grandmother grammy got int tro uble. he knows something was wrong and the only awareness hene has to have until he's a little older. good thing able to move them away. go take care of him he's got passed around a little bit.f hi those photos are so shocking.. so horrifying can understand whh the family would nevery wantwant those out but i think what it'ss done is it created a the countrycourynd and really put a face to this ts show we keep talking about thes drug overdoses and heroin epidemic until you see how reado it isw . police chief explained it wasn't to target this family certainlyy not that child but you just say
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every day. it is an epidemic. it has reached astronomical proportions the number of people who overdosemb and the number oo people who die from heroin. heri something needs to be done why not steer the conversation if i helps anybody out there. if it helps one person and thee great-grapendmother felt like ty were targetedrson like they're saying this play is growing up p in a drug environment.. that wasn't what the chief waswa saying by any means. the reality of i think in the long run it this photo may do something good.d. hopefully.. thank you. we pray for that little boy..hof no doubt. our other big story so much news happening right now. hasuspected serial killer now behind bars and so many devastated families left inamilf disbelief. what was happening inside these homes. jessica dill is live on covert court in ashland county.. she has the latest on thewhaome. co in ashl investigation into the threeinte bodies found in ashland and richland counties.s.
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good morning todd and stephanie good morning everyone. this morning the owner was downd here taking some measurementssum are going to start boarding up tahe is home so they can start o remove thet crime scene we still do not know the identities of two of the bodiese that were found but we know oneo stacey stanley you can see hereh flowers balloons teddy bears left by family and friendslly as absolutely devastated by this story.. they did everything they could grandmother.tuld i'm sorry we didn't find her. we looked really hard. her brother was out hereed r jel he lsearched. he just sitting give up.just sig we will see you in heaven. giv family members of stacey stanley gathered and prayed wednesday steps away from the house where the body of the grandmother was found. aw they say stanley had beenay froa missing since thursday after her car broke down a few blocks away. ey ha beenmith they filed a missing person's
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ehem.a mimi on tuesday stanley and another person were found inside then abandoned home in ashland. a third body was found in richland county. police have arrested 40 year old shawn grate, who was at the ashland house when police arrived. i. police ha year old g another woman, who was heldwoma, hostage, was also found alive. she somehow was able to get aas hold of grate's cell phone while he was sleeping and called 911, while in the same room as her abductor..holdf grate's cece as sleepi91 is there any way you can get out of the building.g.of theuildi i don't know without wakinhi and i'm scared.waking him his bedroom is closed and hem ie made it so it would make noise. yeah because he had me tied up. are you tied up now. yeah but i kind of freed myself. the chilling 911 call goes on
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before she was free policeee p officers came on scene to getget her out.ot she. eventually left the bedroom she took thato risk and left tht bedroom came to a side window and you can hear 911 callame toe called police officers back abll to see her through the window come back and getto hseeer. het she puts the phone down for a good chunk of the call aboutbo five or six minutes because she said i think i woke him up. terrifying moment for this woman such a brave person her identitt not be she knew him for about a month and a half before this. good thing those phones have the ability to do emergency 911rgen1 calls if it was his phone she hs might have had thosesh locks whs do you do. w i never thought of that you're right never if it is locked youo call 911u not sure if it was. w. they have that emergency one iff you're ever in that situationhao even if the phone isn locked yok caned call 911 if you open the lock screen go to emergency ande dial 911 at least an option andy
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amazing and you think a reminden for people. how many lives she could haves prevented youshe coul don't know long this could have gone on. we've seen it happen here in cleveland a couple of times.mes. just awful situations.l situat jessica dill live for us we w appreciate the update. great point about the phone.ap grief counselors will beef couns available for students and stafb at norton high school today, following the tragic death of a student. witnesses s wiesses s e a skateboard trick, when he fell in front of aick, school bus on greenwich roadon r yesterday afternoon. the driver did not see him, andd ran over the student. witnesses say the driver was stunned by the accident. she was like just looking up at all the kids and stuff. she wasn't crying, she was like oh my god oh my god oh my god.m. it's very tragic for everybody. at this point that's all we can
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prayers for the family.say. areo just so sad. so sa friends created a memorial last night, with flowers and balloons. created a we know it will grow over the coming days.we know it ers say parents who wish to keep their kids homecomh today or tomorrow can do so asem excused absences. understandable.e.undendab the cleveland police departmenta will hold a pair of communityrtp meetings tonight, to discussairu potential changes to the use of force policy.ential changes we've been telling you about. a. officials developed the revampee rules over the past year, aslopy part of consent decree with thee wit they call for key changes to when officers can use force. the meetings will be at 5:30 tonight.meetingsight. one will be at the jerry sue thornton center on east 22nd street and the other at the urban community school on lorain avenue. if you can make those they would beou can happy to have you out . the second span of the new innerbelt bridge will open later this month. two lanes on the eastbounddthe o bridge will open on september 24th, with a ceremonial ribbon 24tting.idge wieptember
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odot still needs to work on somr closed ramps, including some, ie lane repaving. at least it's opening at least progress shall be able to see. for more information, head overl to and click seen on tv.l be ae inform hea coming up parents we have to ask you to come clean on this do yoo ever post pictures of your children on social media..ever i why one daughter is suing her parents ande daug htwifeer bots refused to budge.dge something were talking about in this morning's download with natalie.lking abou when you give up your se and expecting mom. what actress has a message after she explains what happens to her on the subway.wa beautiful start this morning ann bright sunshine check that out foxg eight hour forecast actually the eight day is just about like that.
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wel bac back.k. an austrian teenager is provinga why you may want to ask beforene you post pictures of otherss ofs online. the 18 year old is suing her own parents for posting hundreds of pictures of her on facebook.or the teenager says the photos were embarrassing and marked moments of her life she would rather not share with the public. photos ing andm. she claims they quote knew no shame or limits. some of the pictures reportedly showed her naked in her crib orh learning how to be potty trained.d. learning the young woman says she asked her parents to take them down, but they refused, so she's
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the dad says the pictures servee as a family album and he sees no reason to delete them.cture f that's what we're talking about today.'s i post pictures of my children.n you do to.. i've never posted pictures of them when they're babies naked or on the potty.otty. if it's a family album that's aa family album should be at home.' i don't think you should exposure kids to that. take this picture down i don't like the way i look my friendsfi her wishes and i tlhink it'sd important for parents torents t understand you can't just puta alln't that stuff out there. not just your friend seeing it up eventually we knownot just ya picture out there it willt forever hot you. you can understand they're going we are ashamed. you wouldn't think. i will sue my parents. i wouldn't think that.r we don't know the family famil
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a young woman mightinin friendsn see me on the potty when i was a little kid.e on the private personal stuff.onal stu trying to see the parent side of this and i'm not right now. t if you have a good reason. there are some people who haveve comments on the parent side ofio it. let's read a couple celina road if my kids ask me to remove a photo of them they don't like, i do. it's not a big deal. it's social media, not real life. patti sides with the parentsidsa itial m they belong to the parents. she needs to get over herself. she is so lucky to be so loved. others aren't.lo cj agrees with the teen she should sue if they want that bad to post pics of her naked, on the toilet, etc.i then they get what they deserve. sharon suggests they then should disown her and sue her for thedh cost of raising her.eng her. works both ways. paula says after i won against my kid's poor choice to attempt to sue me, she would be so so
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i love that. that would be interesting. like fall. liu're grounded for fall. normally grounded tomorrow or or for a week. all of winter. that's fine don'tin want to go outside terrible weather anyway. to a point parents are proude pparents excited to post picturc but i don't see where the harm is. please take it down it's why not just take it trying to find that side. to keep them up. they can still keep the photosos even on social media. absolutely.utely. okay. if you're to.e t were asking that an iweb fullul should parents be more carefulel before posting pictures of theit children on social media.a. cast your vote will have those results for youot later in the i
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thanks appreciated. we'll get an update with what's happening weatherwise into thene we can. we the eight daycan. how well thet weekend go.go hi todd and stephanie a. littlel bit of an issue there.sue ther on one of the days with thehe weekend especially. right now son and a few highd a clouds here in the front yard at fox8 in no precipitation on storm fox.. beautiful sunset last night.h didt. you see those high clouds come in along with those low level i different directions that at different beautiful shot of our sunset lasto one or 3-foot waves on lake erie northeast winds persisting intot early tonight eventually swinglg back around to the south is.s water temperature is 74. is 's institute on land 58 in akron canton. downstate a little warmer around huntington southpointe more moisture in the air. very humid down in that neck off
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our dewpoints comfortable in the 50s. bashore feels nice.nice. currently 53 and fell in. canton 54.4. 53 north olmsted. bedford 57. fame in chardon. 10 degrees cooler at rock creeke 47. pure plant made a nice recoveryo therve. at 47 degrees. cold temperatures cleveland's oldest weather record is today. but that was set in 1871 that's the oldest record and itt was a record low of 37 degrees. fortunately no 30s on the map. that would have added a growing season or come close. and parts of northeast ohio.the southwest me five cloud coveras just a few of those clouds.e cl high-level clouds are streamingv it is by the fact high-pressure is in control.euds are f next system coming at us fromfro the west.m
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let's hope they do may be aay b quarter of an inch or a bright september day today. and highs in the low 70s.e low 0 clear and cool ands pretty comfm 53f bright moonshine tonight. and not as cool tomorrowtomo increasing clouds later in the day about the high school football game should benc t in f shape. showers there is the glitch. may be a rumble of thu saturday.ay. 77 that tribe in town the browns playing on hoping sunday will be mainlyma dry.y. tailgaters may have an issue on sunday morning.orning it's looking great next week. we bright sun. 70s. gorgeous. little bit of rain won't bother the tailgaters. i don't think so. aj thanks. 9:21. up next an arrest has been madea to the fire we've been talking g about.
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nightclub gunman attended here have he could be punished.unman hillary clinton on that the campaign trailary cli as she had trump released details about their health. body odor and bad breathmp relet harassment at work what some som companies are makeing employees do.
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come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped milkshakes. better yet, come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped milkshakes at half price during half-price happier hour, weekdays, now two to five at steak 'n shake. new at steak 'n shake! 24 meals under four dollars. with handcrafted steakburgers, all-beef footlongs and fresh guacamole made from scratch. get 24 meals for under four dollars. new at steak 'n shake! welcome back everyone. busy newsday following more
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fo check in with wayne dawson for r look at what is just an.t a developing news in the sand rubb land case we just learned about a setnetlement reached in the th wrongful death lawsuit filed byy her land if you recall died in a texas jail cell last year three days atfter she was arrested for her behavior during a traffic tc stop. her death was ruled a suicide. her family will collect 1.9 million dollars.a family's attorney telling cnn ii addition to agreeing to the cash settlementnn wa make changes to its proceduresi and and jails. that is just and now back to you guys. thank you. tha a floridank man is behind bars this morning, accused of settin fire to a mosque that the orlando nightclub gunman went to.t to. 32 year old joseph schreiber isy facing arson and hate crime charges.ear old oseph sc officers t chars.tointo custodydy after quest custoioning him aboe fire yesterday.dyuestionin police received tips, leadinged, them to schreiber. they also go surveillance videoe of him leaving the mosque andued
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to follow his path followings when the fire was set.e was s a guilty verdict could lead to a 30 year prison sentence.y 30 yer democratic presidential nomineen hillary clinton is scheduled too be back on the campaign trail today after recovering from pneumonia.ft she was seen stumbling as she left a 911 memorial event earlyt on sunday. her doctors say she was overheated and dehydrated. the candidate's team justeam jut released a letter from her person doctor which says she is in excellent physical condition and fit to serve as president. clinton's daughter chelsea dauge my mom is so healthy, gosh, if i am as healthy 38 as she is 68. i think people know a lot about her health they see her as being healthy, vibrant. the letter also included a listt of clinton's medications to prevent blood clots or treatnt b allergies.lo o her blood pressure heart rate and cholesterol all withinolestr normal ranges.ol all meanwhile the trump campaign says it will release the results
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physical on thursday on the doctor oz show.sical on in just about an hour and a half.hour a the republican nomineend a acknowledged he does not exercise and he wants to lose at acowledgepounds.ican he's currently on medication too control to his cholesterol. if elected trump would be the oldest president at 70. hillary clinton would be 69.. but he says he has the stamina for the oval office.u fothuld say just based on myt h life, i mean ie 've had i'veovay actually i don't know if this makes sense, i feel as good today as i did when i was 30. trump is expected to outline his full economic plan later today which he says will be completely paid for though federal budget coming up next. being called a street battle. why some don't want a local street named aftertt s waxing promoter don king.ter doking. a funeral at cedar point?a f we'll explain the unusualuneralu gathering and how you can take part in it up next.
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everybodyi fox8 our forecast iss showing some pretty amazing s weather. this is stunning amazing as we p summer 2016. how does fall arrive? you may be surprised.
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message of the state of cleveland schools ceo eric gordon cap the success of the cleveland plain it was passed by voters four years ago to overhaul the district and at tht type cleveland schools were an academic emergency andcho on the verge of bankruptcy. gordon says the school is making progress towards academic success. it'ss close and true that that clel accomplished all thatat it's desired we've nottha met our gol is tripling the number of students enrolled in high performing schools. the cleveland plan at its core is designed to move student achievement and overov the last four years what we still havea far to go student achievement is moving. the district is also beginning
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go on sale on noon at day. against the next tickets for the rest of the home schedule will go ononr sale in two weeks theye going to be ready at noon.wee the cleveland indians blew away the cleveland white sox.ox josh tomlin through five strong innings allowed just one he help the trbe tribe. a three run homer. the first home run since coming cleveland.h they come home for the big
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looking for some throws and shows we should not go. as long as i'm surrounded by, weekend through october 30 it's0
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she's 18 years old and she's soon her own parents for posting hundreds of pictures on facebook it's the nature of the sort of us upset aboute they wereth embarrassing the mark hollis of her life she was mother not share with everybodye some show learn how to be potty trained sittinga now she's 18. he sees no reason to delete
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who's going back 18 most of her friends are they looking atost you see your there's a reason it's bothering her. they could be used against her and then tweet it out. plus one of the comments my parents live in another state and i post them once in a while
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i do that with my kids only mymy children and me can see the photos that they are in. sandy says what if she's been bullied over them. they could be we don't know. i think it would be relevant too the case to see where her facebook looks like as well toto see if she really is a private person all marble little girl needs off of facebook altogether i think disrespectful brat soon your owo parents over something they
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we did ask you this on a web
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buying for the rights including
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would be available and twitters that.thhee they did on the buffalo bills was expected to be anbe action-packed day that you may not really care about push of it was a watch on twitter if you want.reab will be around for the second wave is got the browns on sunday that have the baltimore raven and a conference enter name. we're going to come out and i like that scene and reenter were
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be there. you're so many restaurants.ll new line you can the pizza. but whatever you need to do. that's so good. still not strai before the game were from a little we talked for a different things it's such an elevated stands for everybody. take your grill it's been running on pitch pen on the
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of a little bit of avocado i'm not going to how b shows amazing kne skills. this is a little it's from the standby soapbox it's easy and it's quick and family-friendly.y. they've taken the liberty of
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she's got some of the shredded. shredded cheddar cheese.
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with you a while that is shehe went on the twitter rent to shave her fellow writers no big deal she writes able by the writers he willtes give your set to a giant. are just stand right next to your head and pray i go intont labor. manyny people like to end responded with support for the actors.ed w his a demanding they have at work. don't stink some company in japan are trying to spelling even a small harassment policy. there also holding odor etiquette seminars. in typical remain can the
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specific have a list of demands. take a look at this if you needed i'll turn into a bigger situationoni. don't try me. make a movie off the lake it l paid off of that. why not. remember that show pride filled
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the girls did respond think they were more than willing to compromise that caused the freshman out on her sense of which is going to get a different doing and say okay.y help yourself. went to be a difficult year with she have to take the lower bunk for the sunrise on a middlefield a cold start for a lot of folksi 63 at the lakefront.ak sixty-two ate hopkins started of
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county. down to 44 a big area of high pressureig that's headed east. it will bring us rain. up in the upper 70s the sun rain for saturday winding downi sunday afternoonn a gradualg warming trend as they head into with itt day of fallra natalie we talked about changing
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you saw in the garden right nowi if you are close minded you might like thisgif story they're bringing on the short today.
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